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Lightweight Integrated Tee Rings & Bolsters  Longitudinal Frame Support  Reduced Inflection Point Low Center of Gravity

Bulk Tek is proud to enter the new tank trailer market with a new and innovative design created by over 40 years of our sister company's experience in trailer repair. The weaknesses associated with other designs have been improved giving our customer the best trailer for their transport needs. With a Bulk Tek trailer you will have the lightest, lowest profile and best design of any tank on the road--along with an industry best warranty to back it up.


The Bulk Tek 5800 gallon tank estimated weight is 8700 Lbs. This, on average, is over 1500 lbs lighter than the competitions comparable tank. This gives you the ability to haul more with every load. 


Bulk Tek has removed another potential breaking point from the average tank trailer design by integrating the bolster and the ring and reducing multiple parts that are an industry standard.


Bulk Tek has solved the issue of bolsters cracking by incorporating the vessel as part of the longitudinal frame which reduces bolster flex when turning, stopping, and bouncing while going down the road.


Over the years, Double Conical tanks have had issues at the inflection point (where the two cones meet). We have added a small straight section in between the two cones made of heavier material to reduce the inflection angle.  It also adds a solid area (free of welds) to install the sump.


The Bulk Tek 5800 gallon tank trailer offers the lowest center of gravity in the industry. It measures 9’4” to the top of the spill dam. It is 8’6” to the top of the barrel. This lowers the center of gravity, reducing the tanks possibility of turning over.

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